Vitamin C – Why Our Skin Loves and Needs It

vital c hydrating hand and body lotionSummer’s arriving fast, and it’s time for us to show a little skin in our itsy bitsy shorts, tops and bathing suits.

Sound exciting?

To those of us with dry skin, shedding our clothes for all to see what’s underneath isn’t necessarily our idea of a good time. Flaking, irritation, redness and more; the discomfort and insecurity that come with dealing with the visible effects of dry skin can ruin what is supposed to be considered our “fun in the sun” season.

Some begin to ask themselves, is there even a solution? Read on…

Show Your Lips A Little Love – Be Confident This Summer

ORMEDIC tinted lipAh, summer… the time when we soak up the sun and finally get away from those cracked, peeling, dehydrated effects the cold weather has bestowed upon our poor lips.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

For those of us who suffer from troubled lips all year round, finding a lip product that consistently works well enough isn’t easy. Nothing ever seems to keep them hydrated, make them look healthy, or have them feeling fresh and alive. Read on…

Introducing I MASK: Reveal Your Radiance

I MASK biomolecular hydrating recovery maskWhen it comes to a complexion that exudes radiance, beauty and health, these enviable assets are not a given. You have to work at maintaining good skin and use the proper products that actually deliver genuine results.

Not all brands offer products that can live up to the hype, because their complexion care formulas have not been designed around modern beauty science.

We at IMAGE Skincare are proud to introduce a truly next-generation sheet mask with our new I MASK line of products, which includes the biomolecular hydrating recovery mask and biomolecular anti-aging radiance mask. Read on…

Enzymes and Your Skin: What You Need to Know

vital c hydrating enzyme masque“Enzymes” is a word you hear bandied around in health and beauty circles, whether you’re discussing skincare, makeup, nutrition or fitness. But what are they and what do they have to do with your skin?

Ingredients like enzymes, vitamins and other nutrients might seem like they’re more fitting for a list of food ingredients than in a skincare product, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not good for your skin.

Increasing numbers of skincare products list things like Vitamin C and A, or antioxidants, amongst their components. That’s not just because these things are trendy. It’s because they can benefit your body in a number of ways. Read on…

Skincare: It’s Not Just For Your Face

body spa exfoliating body scrubFor many people, “skin care” brings to mind eye crèmes, masques, wrinkle-reducers, and facial cleansers and toners—all of which is well and good. But in case you haven’t noticed (and we know you have!) your face isn’t the only part of you that’s covered in skin! At IMAGE, we strive to keep every inch of your skin beautiful, healthy and vibrant. That’s why we have such an extensive line of body skincare products. Read on…

Why Live with Acne?

CLEAR CELL medicated acne facial scrubFor some people, living with acne seems like their only choice. But it doesn’t have to be. There are so many different tools that can be used to fight the pain and discomfort of acne, tools that can give you the clear, healthy skin you want to have.

There are many tips out there to help you fight acne: Read on…

Put Down the Glue and Get Gorgeous Lashes—Naturally.

ageless lashes lash enhancerContinually subjecting your lids to glue and fake lashes is a losing proposition. Not only does the application of fake lashes on a regular basis cause your natural lashes to thin even more, the glue and prosthetic lashes lead to bacteria build up.

But none of that means you don’t want beautiful lashes, right? That’s why we’ve collected these tips for natural, healthy, luscious lashes. Read on…

The Great Spring Exfoliation

hydrating enzyme masqueYou’ve been dry and flaky, or you’ve been struggling valiantly against being so—but spring is about to be sprung and you can kiss the dry skin winter blues goodbye. Before you can really bid adieu to the winter’s dry skin conditions, however, you’ll want to rid yourself of that last layer of dry skin. Here are a few great ways to do it. Read on…

Spruce Up Your Skin Routine for Spring

prevention+ sheer ultra sprayWarmer temps, sunnier sun and higher humidity herald the arrival of one of our favorite seasons—and a great excuse to boost your beauty routine! (As if you need an excuse.)

Seriously, though, it’s always good to evaluate your skin regimen as the seasons change, because changing seasons mean changing skin. In most places, spring means higher sebum production, increased sweating and more time spent out in the sun… and all of those things can have consequences for your skin.

Here are our best spring skin seasonal tips: Read on…