Tips for Keeping Your Skin Beautiful While Traveling


It’s summer and with kids out of school or business in a slow time, many of us will be quenching our thirst for travel, venturing near and far. Traveling with family or friends will hopefully bring lots of adventure, fun and relaxation but it can be troublesome for your skin. Being in the car or plane can dry it out and time out in the sun has many challenges. Just because you’re on vacation, doesn’t mean you need to give up on your important skin routines. Check out a few tips to keep having fun and looking beautiful while you travel.

In the Car
Car travel is great at bringing a family together. To keep things smooth, be sure to pack water and healthy snacks for the road. Too much salt and too much sitting can leave you feeling bloated and your skin tight. Don’t be afraid to drink your water and stop for restroom breaks and a little walk when you need it. Even though you are in the car, you might want to use a bit of sunscreen at the start of the day. Open windows, lunch outside and walking the dog, for example, lets the sun shine. Don’t let it catch you unprotected. Try Prevention + Hydrating Moisturizer with SPF 30 to keep your skin safe.

In the Air
If you fly even a few times a year you know how challenging it can be. Reduce stress and luggage charges by packing light. You’ll save money and time. Be sure to tuck the Vital C Trial Kit in your carry-on. This convenient size is perfect for security. To give your face a little refresher before you land, take a moment to apply the Vital C Hydrating Anti-Aging serum. Can you say Ahh?

It takes a lot of planning and arranging to get a family on the road for the summer, but once you know what you want, you can prepare accordingly. Just don’t forget the essential ingredients to help you have a beautiful vacation at home or away.

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