How IMAGE Skincare’s Unique Vectorize Technology® Effects True Change in Skin


Ever wonder if your serums and moisturizers are actually effecting change in your skin (rather than simply sitting on top of it)? Of course it’s essential to use a scientifically developed formula with active ingredients that work in synergy, but just as important is the way these key ingredients are delivered. This is why IMAGE Skincare invests in technology to ensure the effective, clinically proven ingredients in our products perform synergystically with your skin—so you can see immediate and long-lasting results.

Introducing Vectorize Technology: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Vectorize Technology enables some of the most effective skincare ingredients, such as peptides and stem cells, to create positive effects on your skin—for longer.

Your skin’s uppermost layer is the epidermis and it’s topped by the lipid barrier, which is made of “fatty” substances like ceramides and cholesterol. When water-soluble ingredients are applied on the lipid barrier it may be difficult for them to pass through (think of the basic concept: “oil and water don’t mix”). On the flip side, oil-soluble ingredients might mesh well with the lipid barrier but they may be too large or unstable to get deeper. For those ingredients that experience these absorption issues with skin, Vectorize Technology comes in handy.

Vectorize Technology centers on special spheres, which are made up of up to 100 layers that encapsulate active ingredients. Once the skincare formula is applied on skin, the spheres are released and eventually “peel off” like an onion to release their important ingredients.

Image Skincare Vectorize Technology

4 Transformational Advantages of Vectorize Technology

Ingredients like tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, a stable, fat-soluble form of vitamin C, naturally absorbed by the skin thanks to its chemical makeup and structure. For substances that aren’t as amenable, Vectorize Technology comes in to provide these remarkable benefits:

  1. Each Vectorize sphere contains multiple actives, as opposed to other technologies that encapsulate just a single ingredient.
  2. The performance of active ingredients is significantly improved and prolonged.
  3. Formulas with Vectorize Technology are more effective since there is an accumulation of many active ingredients.
  4. The time-released ingredients actively work for up to 48 hours.


Where to find Vectorize Technology®

To reap the benefits of Vectorize Technology, look to IMAGE Skincare’s specialized products in our two advanced collections: the MAX and ILUMA.


In our select MAX products, a multi-layer technology releases nutripeptides and an exclusive blend of plant stem cells to elicit age-defying effects.

Try out Vectorize by checking out these products:

the MAX™ stem cell serum

the MAX™ stem cell crème

the MAX™ stem cell eye crème

the MAX™ stem cell masque

the MAX™ stem cell neck lift


The ILUMA line features Vectorize Technology to help brighten skin. Try it out with these products:

ILUMA® intense lightening serum

ILUMA® intense brightening crème

ILUMA® intense brightening eye crème




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