5 Steps to New Skin this New Year


Ageless total anti-aging serum-1January wouldn’t be the same without New Year Resolutions. They can range from getting in shape, to being more organized, to building friendships.

What about your skin? The new year is a great time to rethink your skin care routine. A new year calls for new skin, and we’ve got great tips on giving your skin a fresh start in 2016! 


What better way to get new skin than to remove old skin cells through exfoliation. Many people think they need to scrub the dead skin cells off the surface, but that’s not always the case. Some serums, like our Ageless Total Anti-Aging Serum work to exfoliate your skin and promote healthy cell renewal naturally.

Wash Your Face Every Night

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in your skincare routine is to fall asleep with your makeup on. Make it a habit to wash your face every night before bed, and your pores will thank you! 

Always, Always, Always Wear SPF

Protect that beautiful face of yours with an oil-free sunscreen like our Prevention+ Line. Your skin needs 24/7 protection from the sun, even in the winter months.

Start Using Eye Cream

Using an anti-aging eye cream at night is a great step to add to your skincare routine at any age. Trying a hydrating, lifting eye cream like our Ormedic balancing eye lift gel.

Clean Your Brushes

How often do you clean your brushes? It’s smart to clean or sanitize them twice a month to prevent breakouts and maintain the health of your brushes and skin. Simply dip your brushes in warm soapy water, using a mild bar soap or brush cleaner. 

There you have it…5 easy steps to start your new year off right with new skin!

What are your New Year, New Skin resolutions?

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