Acne Prevention Tips


Okay, I’ll give it to you straight.  You’ve done everything you know you’re supposed to do.  You drink plenty of water.  You are watchful of your diet, and you do your best to keep that stress under control.  You’ve even tried several skin care lines, looking for the special one that’s going to keep those pesky blemishes under control.  But, no matter what you do, you’re still breaking out.  Maybe you’re one last complexion disaster from heading to the dermatologist. Before you commit to serious medical intervention, carefully consider what the sensitive skin of your face may be coming into contact with.

There are some slight changes to the way you do things that might make a big difference to bring mild to moderate acne under control.

Is your hair getting in the way?

We all know that the ‘do is just as important as the face.  But, if you use lots of product in your hair without being cautious about what is coming into contact with your skin, you might be setting yourself up for a break out.  And, any time that you don’t have to wear your hair down on your skin, pull it up and give your face a break.

Could it be your pillow?

Not to go too far off into yucky territory, but your bedding can be a breeding ground for bacteria.  You don’t want to undo all the good you did your skin with your before bed routine by snuggling up in bedding that’s overdue for a wash.  Take the time to wash your sheets and pillow cases more often, it will do wonders for your sleep and your skin.

Do you know where that’s been?

During cold season we are constantly reminded that we need to be careful about what we touch and to keep our hands clean.  It’s just good sense and good hygiene, right?  It is also a great skin care tip.  We really don’t realize just how often we handle all kinds of things and then touch our face.  Just like your hair, the more you can keep your hands away from your face, the better your skin will stay clean and clear.

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