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Aging with Dignity


Although men have thicker skin (literally about 0.5mm thicker than women’s), you still want to be sensitive about the way you address aging with your father. Even if you are still “Daddy’s little girl,” aging can be a sensitive topic for most men.

Most men already have facial skin problems just from their daily shaving routine. From red bumps and ingrown hairs to dry patches, men should know that razor burn or cuts can be reduced with the proper skincare routine.

In the case of aging effectsfather with baby son, this father’s day you can help dad age with dignity. If your dad is at least forty years old, he should be taking care of his skin, regularly. Wrinkles and age spots pardon no one, even if he wore sunblock every day in the “good old days.”

Your father probably still thinks he’s in his twenties, and might sometimes act like it, but he needs to prevent more important diseases that could now affect him, such as skin cancer. It’s important to prevent these aggressive diseases that are more common that you think.

Moisturizing is key. It is the true time machine for wrinkles. Anti-aging creams such as Image Skincare’s Ageless Total Repair crème is infused with glycolic acid, retinol, vitamins and nutrients for visibly firmer skin. The areas that tend to show the most wrinkles are the eyes, which are also the first thing most people notice. Therefore, Image Skincare Ageless Total Eye Lift crème visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines with a glycolic blend to tighten the skin. Finally, a well-known tip for looking younger is removing all facial hair. If your dad shaves the hair off, he’ll also shed at least five years.

We hope we provided you with great gift ideas for this Father’s Day and helped enlighten you on men’s skincare.

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