Basic Skincare for Men


Does your man’s skincare regimen measure up to his professional need to look his best?  Let’s face it, in this economy every little detail matters whether your guy is looking for new opportunities or solidifying his job security.  His personal appearance plays an important role in how others perceive his energy, credibility, and trustworthiness.

In order to maintain their edge, guys of all ages are interested in taking care of themselves and indulging in image enhancing products, gadgets and treatments – even if they pretend not to!  But since they are still men, they are impatient and less likely to grasp the concept of maintenance routines. In fact they generally prefer to get it over with in one shot.

If the image he presents at work is important to your guy, then getting it over with in one shot isn’t going to do.  Let’s look at some options for the basics.

Although men have thicker skin (didn’t we all know that ladies!)- approximately 0.5mm thicker than women’s, it is also oilier, with larger exposed pores, and more of a tendency to break out in a sweat.  Therefore, using deodorant soaps directly on the face is a practice men should avoid, as this might irritate their skin and leave a residue.  Men should try a cleanser that will leave their skin feeling fresh and clean.

Skin that gets shaved on a regular basis has a whole host of other problems – like red bumps, ingrown hairs and dry patches. For these instances, men should remember that razor burn or cuts can be reduced by using a good cleanser, a good quality scrub every couple of days and a softening shave cream with a sharp razor, followed by a soothing moisturizer.  Of course changing the blades regularly is also vital.

The problem of excessive oil and shine can be addressed by using products like the Clear Cell Salicylic Clarifying Tonic.  The advice of beauty editors is for men to use a weekly treatment product containing salicylic acid.  Keep in mind that, if they are willing to go just one step further, adding a tonic can reduce pore size, control oil slicks, and help avoid nasty ingrown hairs.  Guys do need to be mindful of not using a product that’s too harsh, as it will strip away essential oils when the skin is most vulnerable.

While the same basics of skincare apply to both men and women, without a doubt men are definitely taking more notice of what’s looking back at them in the mirror these days.

How does your man’s skincare routine measure up?

Could he use some more encouragement or does he surprise you with the amount of effort he makes taking care of his appearance on a regular basis?

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