Beauty from Science: A Clear, Even, Bright Complexion and Healthier Looking Skin


13882114_10153598947486249_6999404889276243320_nThe science of beauty is our priority at IMAGE Skincare. Our ILUMA line of skincare products demonstrates this with Vectorize-Technology ™ and an exclusive lightening complex that lightens, brightens and evens out complexion. Here’s how ILUMA merges technology and aesthetics to help you become your most beautiful self.

Tyrosinase Inhibition

The key to effective skin lightening begins with tyrosinase inhibitors. The ILUMA line features the most advanced tyrosinase inhibition complex available. But what exactly does that mean?

What Is Tyrosinase?

“Tyrosine” is an amino acid. Amino acids are known as building blocks for protein and for their role in metabolism, but they are also responsible for much more. Tyrosine,intense_brightening_creme_3 for example, is also an important component in neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. But when it comes to beauty, tyrosine is known for another important role: the creation of melanin.

“Tyrosinase” is an enzyme created from the oxidation of tyrosine. While tyrosine itself helps to keep your complexion clear and even with consistent melanin production, tyrosinase results in “hyperpigmentation”—darker spots and areas. When you slice an apple, the inside of the fruit is a crisp, clear, bright color. But as those slices become exposed to oxygen, they begin to turn brown—that’s oxidation, and the darkening caused by tyrosinase is caused by a similar mechanism.

In order to reduce this sort of uneven darkening, ILUMA employs tyrosinase inhibitors. They help to prevent the formation of tyrosinase. Our ILUMA products use both plant extracts and peptides, which are small chains of amino acids—proteins—to help lessen the production of this enzyme and reverse uneven darkening.

Plant Stem Cells

Plant stem cells help to increase the cellular turnover in your skin. As cells age, they become less effective and more prone to allowing the development of wrinkles; thin, papery skin; and other tell-tale signs of aging. Plant stem cells, often derived from apples and flowering plants like edelweiss, provide your own cells with the necessary stimulation to divide and provide you with fresh, new skin cells that help to defy the aging process.

Vitamins A & C

The role oxidation plays in converting tyrosine to tyrosinase is important for a number of reasons. Not least of these is the increased value of antioxidants. You are probably already aware of the positive effects antioxidants have on your overall health and how they combat aging. What you might not be aware of is the effect that adding vitamins A & C to your skincare regimen has on the use of antioxidants. These vitamins help to direct and boost antioxidant effects—so when you add them directly to your skin via IMAGE Skincare products, you are able to maximize your skin’s youth.

Regardless of the cause of your complexion woes—sun damage, stress, diet or inflammation—our ILUMA products can help you regain the clear, bright and even complexion you want. Our products don’t obscure or hide flaws. Instead, they bring out your inner beauty.

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