The Top 5 Beauty Tips We Learned From Mom


Skin care advice from momAfter celebrating Mother’s Day and all that our moms do for us, we thought it would be fun to compile a list of the top beauty tips our moms told us growing up. Mother really does know best.

1. “Don’t Neglect Your Neck”

We all know taking care of our face is important. To prevent aging, we apply creams, serums, gels and more! Next time you’re lathering up your face, don’t forget about your neck. It’s often the telltale sign of aging in women.

2. “Keep Your Hands Off Your Face”

Our hands are in contact with a lot of things throughout the day. They are busy putting on shoes, opening doors, pulling out chairs and adjusting our skirts. The amount of germs you encounter on a daily basis is enough to make you cringe. Now think about all of those germs on your face! Next time your hand reaches up to rub or scratch your face, take yourself to the nearest sink to wash them first!

3. “Pack Plenty of Sunscreen!”

Summer days spent at the pool or beach were the best when we were young. With summer vacation in full swing, our only worry was whether or not we were getting a tan. Mom was always the first to tell us to pack our sunscreen and reapply! We are telling you, this is the #1 rule of skincare. Protect your beautiful skin and you’ll be so glad you did when your skin checks come out clean later on in life.

4. “Less Is More.”

We are so excited the minimal beauty look is back in! Less really is more when it comes to your makeup. Use a nutrient-rich, light foundation daily to cover up blemishes and even out your skin tone without looking cakey. As an added bonus, our foundation works to heal, protect and prevent aging.

5. “Use a Body Moisturizer Every Day.”

Even when our skin doesn’t feel dry, it needs daily moisture to maintain balance. It’s good to use a moisturizer year-round. Have a heavier cream from winter and a light lotion on hand for summer. It you can find a lotion that doubles as an SPF, that’s even better! (Less work for you.)

Are there any tips not listed that your mom told you growing up? Share them with us; we’d love to hear!

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