What Skincare Experts Are Thankful For

The Best Skincare Innovations Experts Are Thankful For


While you appreciate your loved ones for always making life interesting, don’t forget your amazing moisturizer that keeps your skin hydrated! As skincare experts, there’s a lot of super-convenient and—dare we say it—life-changing skin care to be thankful for. Here’s what tops the list as the best skincare innovations of today.

At-Home Peels

While a spa day always sounds heavenly, sometimes it’s nice to have some “me time” in the comfort of your home. Plus, at-home treatments allow you to get amazing spa results without the high spa cost.

There are a wide range of at-home treatments which use chemical exfoliants to lift dead skin cells and dirt from skin for a refreshed appearance. Usually, the products are serums or treatment pads that you leave on for about 10 minutes before rinsing.

While there are definitely a lot of great choices on the market, skincare experts recommend looking at the list of ingredients for two specific components: alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta hydroxy acids (BHAs). AHAs and BHAs are common exfoliants with different solubilities. AHAs are water soluble and BHAs are oil-soluble. Essentially, AHAs work on the surface of your skin while BHAs dive deep into clogged pores. Together, they deep clean your skin while neutralizing dead skin cells on the surface. This exposes your newer, glowier cells while taking care of those pesky blackheads.

Collagen Shots

Although your body naturally produces some vital proteins and other essential ingredients for healthy skin, you can help it along with your diet. But sometimes it can be difficult to know just what to eat, and that is where supplements like YANA Daily Collagen Shots come in.

Collagen, a crucial part of young skin, is a protein your body naturally produces with amino acids. As you age, the collagen production machinery in your body begins to slow down.

Thankfully, supplements are the perfect way to kick it into high gear. Our YANA Daily Collagen Shots are made with our special Lumiplex technology. Since collagen is created by different peptides, our collagen shots have hydrolyzed collagen peptides. There’s also vitamin B6 and Biotin, which is commonly referred to as the beauty vitamins. For skin, biotin works to prevent water loss while vitamin B6 protects proteins from damage.

Retinol and Vitamin C

Ask any dermatologist or aesthetician for their go-to skincare ingredient and they’ll swear by retinol and vitamin C. These two ingredients combined have shown massive levels of efficacy in improving the appearance of skin through both clinical and anecdotal evidence.

Retinol is a form of vitamin A known best for its remarkable ability to make your skin look deceptively years—or even decades—younger. Vitamin C, too, is truly a powerhouse, known to support skin’s visible brightness and vitality.


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