Cinco De Mayo: Beware Skin Intoxication


alcoholToday is Cinco de Mayo, a day that is celebrated with colorful festivals and parties across the United States and Mexico. It’s no secret that partying is often synonymous with the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Unfortunately, excessive alcohol can have a harmful effect on the skin, something we would like to discuss in today’s blog post.

Alcohol can have many harmful effects on the body which should not be ignored, but drinking one glass of wine a day might keep the doctor away. Alcohol is only harmful when consumed in large amounts. For women, “too much” alcohol is generally considered to be four drinks within two hours, according to Stylelist, and for men it’s up to five drinks within a couple of hours.

As we all know, alcohol dehydrates the body and that includes your skin. Dry skin can feel like you are made of marble and the tiniest movement can rupture the skin on your face. It is not a pleasant feeling. Dry skin looks unhealthy, too, and tends to wrinkle more, which is why drinking alcohol excessively and very often can add years to your appearance.

When you are dehydrated, you lack essential electrolytes and fluids, and this deficiency can make your skin appear bloated in certain areas.  Alcohol also depletes your body of Vitamin A, a key ingredient in our Vital C hydrating repair crème for skin revitalization. At its worst, alcohol increases blood flow which could cause blood vessels in your skin to burst and leave alarming red spots. The best thing after a night of alcohol consumption is to quickly rehydrate yourself by drinking water. This will hydrate not just your body but also your skin cells and treat alcohol’s aging effects immediately.


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