Corn Syrup and Your Skin


The health care industry has begun to research and reveal how high fructose corn syrup affects our bodies. This sweetener, a combination of processed sugar and syrup made from corn, is used by many food companies to cut costs and to increase the shelf life of a product. Because of the way the molecules are combined, there is no digestion. It goes straight to the liver where it is converted to fat and no signal is sent to your brain that you are full, so you keep eating.

Let’s see what some of the experts are saying. According to bien-être, a blog promoting healthy skin, consuming high fructose corn syrup, “not only spikes your cortisol and blood sugar, but it is incredibly difficult for your body to process. This puts stress on your digestive system and wreaks havoc with your stress hormones – which leads to breakouts, oxidative stress, dark circles, hyper pigmentation and sun sensitivity, and premature skin wrinkling.”

Daily Beauty, another health blog, shares that while your liver is pulling overtime to process the substance, it’s causing weight gain and liver stress, while “your skin (the body’s largest organ) also reacts, causing a host of ailments.”

Amy Piacentino, a nutritionist from Beverly Hills, CA, says “When I have changed the diet of my patients, and took away 90 percent of their high fructose corn syrup, the first thing I notice is how their mood improves, and the pores of their skin shrink. They start to develop a glow, the excessive appetite decreases, the central waist fat shrinks and many women immediately notice their cellulite diminishes.” (source)

High fructose corn syrup is a part of many foods: creamers, cereals, yogurts, breads, salad dressings, sauces, etc. You may not be aware of how much of it you are eating every day. Reading food ingredients will help you identify it and choose healthier options making your skin come alive from the inside. Using products from Image Skincare such as the Vital C or Ormedic collections with plenty of anti-oxidants makes improvements on the outside. In turn, your skin will thank you and in the process become quite the show-off.

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