Curses, It’s Cellulite!


We are celebrating all the goodness of summer and we excitedly brought out cute short shorts, bathing suits and darling sun dresses. It’s a fabulous time to get out, enjoy life and wear pretty clothes. Sometimes, however, one look in the full length mirror, gives an “other-than-fabulous” view. You ask yourself, “Is that cellulite?”

You may have heard it said that the best offence is a good defense…so understanding the life cycle of cellulite is the first order of business. Imagine if your great-great-great grandmother’s great grandmother had cellulite, she was wealthy and attractive. After all, she must’ve been able to afford eating richer foods, have servants handle the “work” and have her driver take her places. Not a lot of physical activity going on back then.

But overall, most ate from their gardens, totally organically and fewer people had cellulite. With the beginning of mass producing, large farms, along with the use of pesticides, fertilizers and additives, our food has gotten less satisfying and less healthy—all in the name of inexpensive convenience.

As we become more dependent on technology and our foods continue to change, we are taking on cellulite. So what is a girl to do?

Image Skincare has an amazing product that helps break down cellulite, Cell.U.Lift. It is a revolutionary body firming cream formulated to fight cellulite and skin laxity at the cellular level. It contains Enzyme-Polypeptide Complex which reduces fat cells and strengthens collagen fibers.

The result of using Cell.U.Lift is amazingly tight and firmer looking skin with a smooth and hydrated surface. It is just one product in the Image Skincare’s Body Spa collection.

So, if the full length mirror is starting to talk back, check out Image Skincare’s Cell.U.Lift along with their other amazing products. Soon you’ll be glad you did.

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