Facial Peel Appeal


If you ever watched Sex in the City, you probably saw the episode where Samantha has a facial peel the day before Carrie’s book party. Ouch! She shows up with her face bright red and practically falling apart. That episode could put anyone off the idea of how beneficial a facial peel is, but let’s not be too swayed by this comedic endeavor. A facial peel might just be the right treatment to give your skin a renewed glow.

What is a facial peel? It is a general classification for a number of skincare treatments used to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin. As we age, the skin’s renewal process slows leaving it dull and dry. A peel works by stimulating skin’s renewal process, revealing the healthier cells just under the surface for a glowing complexion.

How to choose a facial peel? There are loads of skin peel solutions on the market so starting with a full consultation with one of Image Skincare’s experts is important. She will educate you and help you choose a solution that is perfect for your skin’s condition and your desired results. With Image Skincare’s 3 levels of peels, there is certainly something to fit your needs. Imagine if Samantha had only used on of our skin peels, she could have chosen the right level to get right back at it, looking good (even if she’d applied it over her lunch break).

What will be the results? Image Skincare Peels can better your skin with many beneficial results, such as:

  • Improved skin texture
  • Brighter skin with reduced pigmentation
  • Reduced appearance in lines and wrinkles
  • Increased skin tone
  • Assistance with treating such conditions as acne and rosacea

So, don’t let the hilarity of Sex in the City and Samantha’s issues put you off. Start your course now and soon you’ll be looking and feeling younger with renewed skin tone and appearance.

To find Image Skincare’s products, call our customer service center at 800-796-SKIN (7546) and we will be pleased to give you contact information for our licensed aestheticians or physicians.

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