Facing a Wedding?


Spring has sprung and many are preparing for a wedding. It might be your big day or maybe are supporting someone else as she ties the knot. Either way, it’s time to check in with your skin. Much of the country faced a tough, cold winter, and the luminous skin we enjoy most of the year may be feeling a little worse for wear.

Whether the big event is in a few weeks or a few months, you can take good care of your skin. Here are a few skin “pick-me-ups” to get you picture perfect.

  • Hydrate from the inside out. Drinking six to eight glasses of water a day is beneficial on so many levels. Your insides and outsides will thank you.
  • Getting enough sleep isn’t always easy when planning one of the most elaborate days of your life but it is so important for your well-being. While you sleep, facial skin, especially the sensitive area around your eyes is able to rest, relax and restore.
  • Increase circulation through exercise. As you do, your blood carries oxygen and nutrients throughout your body, while taking away toxins, helping your skin to look and feel better.
  • Don’t leave home without it: sunscreen. One of the most damaging elements in nature is the harmful sun rays that our skin is bombarded with daily. Choose a sunscreen with a broad spectrum UVA/UVB like Daily Defense Ultimate Preventive Moisturizer SPF35.
  • Last, but certainly not least, choose a skin care regime that maximizes your innate beauty and benefits your challenge areas. One of our favorites is Image Skincare’s Vital C Line which features concentrated anti-oxidants to provide protection, hydration and nutrition for your skin.

Finally, enjoy the journey. All the happy thoughts you are getting ready for will bring its own special glow.

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