How to Get a Healthy Summer Glow


It’s the dead heat of summer and many of us are off to the cool relief of the lake or beach. We dutifully cover ourselves with sunscreen, drink plenty of water and enjoy the day without a sunburn. But how do we get a natural glow to our skin without harming it?

Image Skincare has the answer! Our Body Spa Face and Body Bronzer  gives your skin a healthy glow without compromising your health. It contains erythrulose with pigment, a natural self-tanner, to give a light golden shimmer. For the best results follow these three steps.


The way you prepare your skin to receive our bronzer will determine how your glow will look and last. To begin, moisturize your skin daily, we suggest Rejuvenating Body Lotion. Exfoliate twice a week with Exfoliating Body Scrub, and always exfoliate the night before applying. Using this body scrub gets rid of dry skin and provides an even base. The blend of glycolic, lactic and maltic acid renews skin and increases cell regeneration.


Apply a moisturizer to feet, knees, elbows and hands. This will provide a barrier to naturally drier areas where the bronzing lotion can cling, leaving darker spots.

Use a mitt or glove to apply Face and Body Bronzer beginning with your feet and working your way up the body. Using small, circular motions will help with blending. For the face, apply to the middle (where the sun naturally shines) and blend outwards and down your neck. Finish by washing your hands and wetting a cotton ball to run through your eyebrows.

If you prefer not to tan your face, try our tinted moisturizer, Daily Defense Tinted SPF30. It pulls double duty: giving you a glow while protecting you from the sun’s damaging rays. If the tint is a little intense, it can be mixed with another Daily Defense moisturizer to lighten it up.


In order to keep that glow, you’ll want to moisture daily but avoid heavily scented shower-gels and moisturizers.

So get out there and enjoy the sun safely but also bring on the healthy summer glow.

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