How to Get Your Glow Back in 5 Minutes (or Less) in the Dead of Winter


Winter isn’t always kind to the skin, and the colder it gets, the worse the toll it takes. The extreme aridness of the cold months can lead to transepidermal water loss, which is the process in which the skin loses its water content as moisture evaporates into the air. This makes the skin dehydrated and takes away any plumpness and glow. At the same time, the assault of freezing winds can lead to irritation.[1]

Because of this, winter is the season when you’ll often notice your skin looking dull, lifeless and just… blah. If things get really bad, you might notice patches of flaky skin and unusual redness. This won’t do, especially with holiday parties coming up!

Thankfully, you can give your skin a quick pick-me-up that will put you in a better mood instantly, and will prepare you to face whatever winter may throw at you. With these 5 tips you can erase the signs of all of that damage and restore your skin’s missing glow. 

1. Scrub Off the Old  

A sure way of instantly reviving the skin’s appearance is with a gentle exfoliation. The onslaught of winter can impede the skin’s ability to shed dead skin cells naturally, which causes a buildup that casts a dull look over the skin and often highlights imperfections.

By exfoliating the skin you can remove that buildup, and reveal the youthful and healthy cells below. The result is skin that looks more radiant in mere seconds! Our ILUMA intense brightening exfoliating powder is the best exfoliant for the job. This micro-exfoliator is made with coconut milk powder that is extremely gentle, so that you can use it as often and necessary. The mechanical action of the powder is bolstered by pumpkin enzymes which help to gently dislodge those dead skin cells and ensure the skin is thoroughly exfoliated.

2. Load Up on Moisture

Whether you’ve exfoliated or not, moisturizing is essential to giving the skin a glow. When your skin is parched, it loses a layer of water and lipids that keep it reinforced against the elements. Dehydration and dryness also take away any bounciness and glow from the skin, making it look saggy and lackluster.

Using a nourishing cream every morning and night will maintain your skin’s luminosity all winter long, while using it the moment that you notice your skin looks dull will instantly reverse the issue.[2] Our VITAL C hydrating intense moisturizer is excellent for banishing the winter blues.

It counters the visible dullness and sag caused by dehydration with the help of hyaluronic acid. This ingredient holds a thousand times its weight in water and can even absorb moisture from the air throughout the day, so it can progressively replenish hydration. As a result, the skin can retain a dewy appearance for hours and hours.

This highly emollient crème also includes shea butter[3], an ingredient rich in essential fatty acids to lock moisture in and prevent its evaporation. This formula sinks in quickly, to suit all skin types and to offer radiance without greasiness.

3. Get Sheet-Faced

When your skin is both dehydrated and irritated, moisturizing alone may not suffice. What you might need is a deeper and more intense level of hydration, to amp up your glow and visibly soothe redness.

Sheet masks are ideal for the job, because the material they are made of creates a protective layer that ensures that the beneficial ingredients are fully absorbed instead of just sitting on top of the skin. Our I MASK hydrating hydrogel sheet mask is particularly well regarded for its ability to calm and hydrate the skin deeply.

It is made of a hydrogel that is cool to the touch and adheres to the skin easily. The hydrogel is infused with mineral-rich Onsen-Sui and JeJu waters, as well as hyaluronic acid which is able to hold on to the waters. The cooling effect, in combination with visibly soothing green tea[4], alleviates the appearance of irritation caused by exposure. 

Smooth this mask over your skin after cleansing.If you’re in a rush, five minutes will suffice, but if you can, leave it on for 15 minutes for major lit-from-within glow. Follow it up with a layer of moisturizer, to ensure that all the hydration is locked into place. You can even keep the mask in the fridge to keep it extra cool and boost its soothing effects.

4. Drop a Hint (of Gloss)

Once you’ve plumped up and brightened your skin’s appearance with skincare, a little dab of gloss will give you a final dewy finish. The ORMEDIC sheer pink lip enhancement complex has a gorgeous reflective sheen, and you can use it on more than just your lips. It contains avocado oil, which has softening properties and a luminizing effect that doesn’t look greasy, as well as pink pigments that offer a natural looking flush. Dab it over the top of your cheekbones and center of your eyelids for a lustrous sheen. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also add a dab just above the cupid’s bow and tip of the nose.

5. Take Cover

A daily moisturizer with sunscreen could be your secret weapon for staying in the glow. SPF is a must in winter, of course, since the sun’s rays, though weakened, can still contribute to your risk of skin cancer and cause visible signs of premature aging. If your winter streets are blanketed with snow it becomes doubly important, since snow can reflect UVA and UVB rays to compound the damage.

However, the great thing about sunscreen is that it can have multiple uses! Our PREVENTION+ daily tinted moisturizer SPF 30+ will protect your skin with a blend of mineral UV-blockers, but it will also give the skin instant radiance and nourishment. This moisturizing formula has a universal tint that helps to even-out all skin tones, mask redness and diffuse small imperfections. The finish is radiant to give your skin a gorgeous, healthy glow. 





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