How to Prepare Skin for Cold Weather


Winter is on its way — and so is that harsh weather leads to dry, flaky, and irritated skin. The cold air, wind and low humidity dry skin out which, in more extreme cases, can cause irritation and flaking. Thankfully, your skin doesn’t need to be at the mercy of unpleasant weather conditions. Here’s how to prepare your skin for the drop in mercury.


Exfoliation is important year round and is the key to maintaining a healthy glow. The process helps unstick lackluster, dead skin cells so that newer, healthier cells underneath can radiate. One thing to keep in mind — try to find an exfoliator that is gentle enough to use once or twice week, as optimally you want to exfoliate around twice a week.

Our ILUMA Intense Brightening Exfoliating Powder is a gentle, water-activated cleansing powder that smoothes uneven skin texture by buffing away dead skin cells. Ultra-fine rice starch and pumpkin enzyme are mild on skin but slough off dead skin cells to improve the appearance of uneven texture. Healthy skin is even-textured skin, so don’t forget to exfoliate regularly to prevent buildup and clogging, which can lead to the appearance of blemishes and other visible imperfections.

Make Sure Your Cleanser Is Hydrating While Removing Grime

Dirt and impurities can settle into your pores and cause pesky blemishes to pop up, which is why cleanser is always must. However, some cleansers can dry skin out, which is especially bad in winter because the cold air is already drying your skin out! The key is to find a cleanser that’s hydrating and removes all those problem causing impurities.

The VITAL C Hydrating Facial Cleanser is a creamy cleanser that can gently remove makeup and other impurities while keeping skin hydrated and infused with vitamin C. Vitamin C helps brighten the appearance of skin and the creamy texture of the cleanser actually works to hydrate skin while cleansing.

Add a Rich Moisturizing Cream After Using Serum

While a serum or a light moisturizer was all summer skin may have needed, winter skin is a bit more demanding. Not only is your skin not receiving as much water as it was during the summer, but hot showers can actually strip away your body’s natural moisturizers which keep water in place (see below). So, it’s important to make sure that your skin is hydrated but moisturization is what keeps water locked into skin.

Our VITAL C Hydrating Repair Creme was made to strike the balance and infuse your with hydration while providing the tools to keep that hydration locked in. To that end, the formula has many powerful, beneficial, and natural ingredients which help skin stay healthy against the cold, nipping winds. First, there’s ceramides, which are naturally found in your skin’s lipid barrier. They hold skin cells together, like glue, forming a shield that helps retain moisture. There’s also hyaluronic acid, the gold standard in hydration. This super-molecule absorbs up to 1,000 times its weight in water. Also naturally present in your skin and fillers, hyaluronic acid is the key to a visibly smooth appearance.

Use a Humidifier

You usually break out the humidifier when you’re sick, but the steamy invention also has beauty benefits that makes it an amazing tool for preventing winter skin dry out. In the summer, the air is humid which helps your skin stay hydrated and supple. In winter, the air is cold and dry — so your skin isn’t able to absorb as much water from the surroundings to keep your skin hydrated. Of course, you can’t bring summer back, but putting out a humidifier has the same effect in that it adds humidity to the air that your skin can use. This will help sooth dried out, itchy, and cracked skin suffering from harsh winter weather. Just make sure to seal in this extra hydration with a moisturizer!

Don’t Take Long Hot Showers

With the cold settling in, it’s definitely tempting to crank up the heat and take a nice, long, hot shower. While the urge is a difficult one to resist, the benefits to your skin are definitely worth it. Taking long, hot and steamy showers will strip your natural oils faster than your skin can produce them and can cause irritation. Because your skin uses natural oils to lock water in, this can lead to dry, parched skin. Basically, hot showers rob your skin of its moisturization defense, which is a necessity for hydrated skin. Just how does this happen? The heat from your shower softens your skin’s oils, which are then more easily swept away with soap. Plus, when your skin does get dry, it is more vulnerable to irritation. Speaking of soap, also try to use a more mild soap which is tough on dirt but won’t strip away too much of your skin’s natural oils.

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