Hydration = Love Your Skin

There is no question that we all love our skin, by the products we use and the time spent on the regiment we stick to. In order to truly love and preserve your skin it must begin from the inside of your body so that what is coming up through the pores and deeper layers of the skin can support all of the daily work you do when caring for the outer layers.
Do you suffer from dry mouth, headache, low energy, constipation, dry skin? These are classic symptoms of dehydration, and over time this can create reduction of skin elasticity, which none of us want. So when going for an evening involves a few drinks be sure to match each drink of alcohol with a glass of water to help with the effects you could feel in the morning. Not only will hydrating the body help your skin, but it will help every organ and system in your body to function at it’s best while nourishing it with what our bodies are mostly made up of…….water!
Dehydration is very common, not just through playing sports or working out, but on a day to day basis. Most of us do not realize we are thirsty until we are already in the dehydration danger zone, leaving us parched in the mouth and sometimes even felt in the skin. Water is a source of life, so why wouldn’t it make sense that to keep the whole body as youthful as possible we should drink as much of it as we can.
The sooner you can get into a healthy habit of drinking at least 8 -12 eight ounce glasses of water a day the better it will be for prevention, because as you age so does the sensation of thirst and likely hood of making a new habit stick. It takes 21 days to form a habit, start the challenge now of making water a permanent element in your daily life and see the affects to your skin, energy, digestion, headaches, weight loss, cleansing of the body, and overall quality of life.
There are many things you can do to help ensure you are getting the water you need
  • Create a daily list with 8-12 boxes to check off each day
  • Carry a water bottle with you, stainless steel, or non-BPA plastic
  • Set a reminder in datebook or phone 8-12 times per day
  • Exercise more, and will naturally need more water
  • Spread out your glasses of water throughout the day
So don’t let dryness from the inside ruin your chances on the outside, for it is one big working masterpiece that needs all of it’s parts to flow like a stream to create harmony and balance for beauty that goes beyond skin deep!

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