I Conceal for All Fitzpatrick Skin Types


The I Conceal cosmetic line features makeup that properly nourishes the skin. The makeup is specially designed to provide adequate coverage for each of the six skin types determined by the Fitzpatrick Skin Test. This test was developed by Harvard University’s Dr. Thomas Fitzpatrick. Skin classifications for the test are based on the skin’s sunlight tolerance.

Those who fall in the type 1 classification for the Fitzpatrick skin test have pale skin that is easily burned by the sun. These individuals usually have red hair and freckles, while some have blonde hair and blue eyes. Those in this category are at high risk for skin cancer. I Conceal makeup in Porcelain is the best match for these skin tones.

Individuals who have type 2 or 3 skin have blue or green eyes. Type 2 skin tends to burn easily, while those with type 3 skin are more likely to tan in the sun. People with type 2 skin may develop scars if they spend too much time in the sun and may be slow to heal, while type 3 skin types are less at risk for vascular damage. I Conceal foundations in Natural and Beige, respectively, are recommended for these skin types.Type 4 skin is darker and tends to scar easily.

Image Skincare's I Conceal Suede Flawless FoundationIndividuals with this skin type have rich brown hair and green, hazel or brown eyes. I Conceal Foundation in Suede is the most suitable match for this skin type. Those with Type 5 skin have black or brown hair and eyes of the same color. These individuals are very unlikely to burn in the sun. However, those with type 5 skin are very prone to keloid scarring. Toffee is the I Conceal Foundation best suited for Type 5 skin.

Finally, people with Type 6 complexions have black or dark brown hair and dark eyes. Their skin may never burn in the sun. While Type 6 skin is prone to keloid scarring as well, these individuals are at very low risk for pigmented skin issues caused by the sun. The I Conceal that matches best with Type 6 skin is Mocha.

All cosmetic selections are mineral-based, so they’re gentle on the skin and can help to soothe breakouts. Each makeup shade also includes UVA and UVB protect to shield the complexion from the harmful rays of the sun.

No matter what skin type you are, IMAGE has products specifically designed for you. Our I Conceal line provides correction, prevention, and nutrition for your face. Check out our flawless finish foundation, I Conceal.

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