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Image Skincare Vital C Trial Kit.Image Skincare has trial kits available for clients who want to try our products out before buying larger versions of the items that will cleanse and clarify their skin. The trial kits are also ideal for customers who travel often and want to have Image Skincare products on hand during business trips and vacations.
Trial kits from Image Skincare include the Vital C Trial Kit, which was created for dry, sensitive skin. The products in the kit renew the health of the skin and add moisture to the complexion.

Customers may also want to try the Clear Cell
Trial Kit
, which is formulated for acne-prone skin. The products in the kit remove dirt, oil, and bacteria from the pores. There are herbal ingredients including lavender, chamomile, and tea tree oil in the kit’s cleanser and toner that revitalize the skin, effectively removing impurities and restoring its natural moisture balance.

The Ageless Trial Kit is also ideal for travel and helps to reduce the look of fine Image Skincare Ageless Trial Kitlines and wrinkles. The kit’s products are full of ingredients that help the skin fight off free radicals, which keeps the complexion vibrant in a variety of weather conditions.

To pamper the entire body, the Body Spa Trial Kit is a great item to take with you to a relaxing destination, or to unwind after meetings and appointments. The Body Spa Trial Kit contains products that will moisturize and prime the skin on the entire body. So not only will you have a glowing complexion, your arms, legs, feet and back will look and feel refreshed as well.

Be sure to order enough of the kits to have them adequately stocked for clients. You’ll also use many of the products in the trial kits while administering facial treatments for your clients, so be sure to explain the ingredients and function of each product as you apply it to get clients more familiar with the kit products before they make their purchase.

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