Incredible Beauty Science and Tech for 2017


yana daily collagen shotsA new year brings with it new products to try and new scientific advances to keep your skin beautiful and healthy. 2017 is poised to be a fantastic year for the health and beauty industries. Continued scientific breakthroughs allow us to use ingredients more effectively and help us discover new ingredients to revitalize skin, hair and nails.  Consumer electronics are also getting into the beauty game, with “smart” devices like the “smart mirror” and “smart brush.”

Here are some of the upcoming year’s most exciting new science and tech trends:

Peptides & Collagen

Peptides found their way into many products last year and we’ll see them continuing to rise in importance when it comes to fighting aging, repairing blemishes and more. Peptides are important in the collagen production process, which in turn results in younger looking skin.

Our the MAX stem cell serum with Vectorize-Technology (which also contains plant stem cells, an exciting ingredient in its own right) is a great way to experience the benefits of peptides as a beauty booster.

Our bodies produce collagen and peptides help them do it. However, another exciting scientific breakthrough has occurred that will bring us more exciting ways to tune up our skin for 2017. Previously, experts believed that ingesting collagen wouldn’t really affect our skin. We’d simply break down the proteins as we would with any other food. But recent scientific studies have show that’s not the case! Drinking collagen is correlated to younger looking, more elastic skin.

If you want to try out drinkable collagen, take a look at YANA™ Daily Collagen Supplement. It not only contains collagen but also ingredients (like peptides!) that help your body produce more of its own collagen.

Smart Beauty Devices

Smart Mirror

A “smart mirror”is, in essence, a mirror. Well, sort of. It’s really more like a skin-and-beauty focused tablet that you hang at eye level. It uses a camera to examine your skin and then points out areas that can be improved. It even saves your progress so you can see if your current routine is effective or not.

Smart Brush

A “smart brush” vibrates when you brush your hair too roughly. It also uses a microphone to record and analyze the sound of the brush moving through your locks. If they’re dry and breaking, the brush can alert you.

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