It’s a Guy Thing: Mens Skincare Tips



Typically, men don’t think much about taking care of their skin beyond grabbing a bar of soap to wash it. However, while men tend to have thicker, less sensitive skin than women, shaving can present a host of issues such as irritation, redness, and ingrown hairs. Knowing what to do (and what not to) is as simple as knowing our top 7 tips for keeping men’s skin in tip top shape:
CLEANSE – everyone, needs to. Men usually prefer a bar to gels or cleansers. That said, soap could dry out skin and compromise the protective barrier, so look for a bar that is soap free. We recommend the Ageless Total Facial Cleanser, a gentle Glycolic Acid blend begins the exfoliating process to help reduce blackheads and ingrown hairs.

EXFOLIATE – this simple step goes a long way in alleviating ingrown hairs, which clog follicles and lead to acne and irritations. Regular exfoliation should take care of this issue and leave your skin smooth and clear.

(Tip: We recommend the Ageless Total Facial Cleanser, a gentle Glycolic Acid blend begins the exfoliating process to help reduce blackheads and ingrown hairs while leaving the skin completely clean in one easy step.)
MOISTURIZE – balanced skin needs hydration, no matter if it is oily, dry, or somewhere in between. Find one that is right for you and use it! If you tend to be on the oilier side, choose a light gel or oil free product.
PROTECT – sunscreen is essential even on cloudy days.

(Tip: Protect skin from the aging effects of the sun while keeping oil at bay with Prevention +, our all-in-one broad spectrum line of moisturizers with broad spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection.)

ALCOHOL – in after shave, or any other product you choose, alcohol can ravage your skin. It’s just not good for it. Alcohol dries skin and strips it of its natural moisture and PH levels.
FRAGRANCE – ditto for any products that have added fragrance. Sure you want to smell good, but you can pick a product that uses natural fragrance (think essential oils and such) instead. Artificial fragrance is one of the number one irritants in skin care.
Be mindful of these simple tips and you’ll be sure to have the best skin, and shave, of your life.


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  1. Alex 6 years ago

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