lash out! love your lashes with ageless lashes clear


Photo of IMAGE Skincare's Ageless Lashes product.Beautiful lashes, you’ve either got them or you don’t, right? Wrong! Taking care of your lashes should be as much a habit as taking care of your skin. Just like your skin needs products to help keep it healthy, your delicate lash follicles need nourishment and support to look their best. Making the dream of beautiful natural lashes a reality is attainable, just swipe on Image Skincare’s Ageless Lashes Clear and gorgeous lashes can be yours without the time and money of going to get extensions or using falsies.

Everyone can benefit from incorporating Ageless Lashes Clear into their routine. Using it once daily either at night or in the morning will:

  • Promote the life span of thin, short, or sparse eyelashes
  • Improve the texture and youthfulness of your lashes
  • Prevent breakage and lash loss

Ageless Lashes Clear contains peptides and proteins, which are essential to increasing tensile strength and retaining moisture to repair damaged hair. Our special ingredient Follicusan® prevents alopecia, or hair loss, from progressing, while our unique blend of flower and bark extracts nourish the lash hair. The formula is Prostaglandin free, drug free, and doesn’t contain harmful Parabens.

While mascara is great as a cosmetic enhancement, it can actually be detrimental to your lash health. Using Ageless Lashes Clear regularly under your mascara will protect your lashes from whatever mascara formula you are currently using, much like your moisturizer acts as a barrier to foundations and makeup products you put on top of it. Conversely, you can choose instead to use Ageless Lashes Clear at night and let your eyelashes repair while you sleep. To treat your lashes, all you do is apply a thin layer of product to the base of your lash line once a day, morning or night. It’s so easy, and only takes a few seconds to apply.

The best part, it’s never too late to start taking care of your lashes, and improve their overall strength, length and beauty. Pretty soon you’ll be batting those gorgeous, healthy eyelashes all over town.

Customer testimonial for IMAGE's Ageless Lashes Clear.

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