Lashes 101


eyelashesWe all want the lashes we had when we were 8. Who wouldn’t want those long, luscious lashes we see in magazines… But have you ever thought about what your lashes actually do for you? When it comes to our health, lashes play an important role! Here’s how:

Eyelashes protect our eyes from particles and foreign substances by trapping unwanted objects before they can reach the eye. They also cause us to blink when they sense something coming near the eye.

We all have a set number of eyelashes when we are born, and that set number never changes! Believe it or not, we all have the potential to have long, healthy lashes. Our day-to-day habits can cause them to break and become brittle, thin and unhealthy.  Things like rubbing your eyes, sleeping in mascara, and wearing waterproof mascara can do serious damage over time.

To protect those beautiful lashes of yours, maintain a healthy diet, use a gentle makeup remover before you cleanse your face, never tug at your lashes and throw old mascara away. To complement your healthy habits, use IMAGE Ageless Lashes! Ageless Lashes uses blended peptides to nourish lash follicles and promote fuller, longer, healthier eyelashes. Regular use will dramatically improve lashes’ texture and youthfulness.

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