Martha Licari’s Image Success Story


Following is a guest post from Martha Licari, licensed esthetician and owner of Boca Skin Bar.  Martha is an Image client herself and has a wonderful story to share about the Image difference in her own life.

As long as I can remember, I have always struggled with acne. I don’t mean severe, cystic lesions, but hormonal acne that was persistent if nothing else. There is not a time that I can look back and see myself with clear skin. The breakouts accompanied me throughout my teens, into adulthood and then motherhood.

There was not a product at the drug store that didn’t go on my face. I even had a few prescriptions over the years written for me – some pills, some creams. None worked! Occasionally, if my wallet allowed, I would splurge on a department store cleanser or cream, only to find myself in the same pimply predicament. Eventually, thanks to acne, two kids and LOTS of sunbathing in my youth, I came to suffer from not only breakouts but hyper-pigmentation. Some hyper-pigmentation was melasma. Some was post-inflammatory. All of it was depressing!

Even as an esthetician with access to such a vast array of products and education, the skin issues never ceased. (No one wants a facial from a skin care therapist that can’t even tend to her own problems!) It is not only bad for my self-esteem it is, in my opinion, unprofessional.

Fast-Forward a couple of years… A professional mentor of mine was giving my brows a much-needed shaping after a bit of neglect and in passing she starts telling me about a new skin care line at her salon. It definitely sounded good, and I liked the way it was packaged, but at the time we were using a different product line at the salon where I worked. Image went back to my mental filing cabinet until it was time for me to make the move to a bigger salon.

The first company that came to mind when I needed to select a product line was Image. We are a match made in skin-care Heaven! Renee Clairmont, an extraordinary educator, guided me from the very beginning. Once I had Image in my treatment room and on my skin everything had changed: I was able to start offering more professional skin care treatments and get results! The peels are the best addition to the menu – clients love what they are seeing in the mirror, and as a client myself, my skin has never been better. Upon making the switch to the Total Facial Cleanser those pesky breakouts on my chin ceased. Image serums and Daily Defense are the armor I need to ward off any further sun damage that the Perfection Lift (and in the past Jessner’s Lite) have worked to eradicate.

I have since converted my sister, niece and cousins over as loyal Image users. And when I’m on Facebook, Twitter (or any other platform) I am singing praises about their life-changing product.

Thank you, Image, for this tremendous opportunity, not only to heal my skin, but to grow my business and continually advance my education.  I am grateful for this!!

-Martha Licari

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