Mother’s Day Beauty


Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 13th this year and we’re here to share some tips on giving beauty to your mom. After all, she’s worked hard all these years sharing beauty tips with you so why not share some with her or any mom who’s had an impact on you. Maybe your sister, grandmother or aunt would feel loved and appreciated if you included her in your beautiful gift-giving.

  • Beauty around her: Check to see if your area has botanical gardens. Give her a pass to enjoy the nurtured nature. Seeing a garden go through its own seasons of change can inspire her inside and out. Or choose a date to take her there for a relaxing lunch or picnic.
  • Face the beauty: Schedule mom for a professional facial at an Image Skincare salon. Facials are a great way to bring new life to her skin and give her a special time to be pampered. To find a professional salon which features Image Skincare products, call 1-800-796-SKIN (7546).
  • Beauty on the go: Give an assortment of natural products for mom to beautify herself. We recommend Image Skincare’s trial kits which are great for someone trying the products for the first time, or for taking along while working out or while traveling. Try Ageless Trial Kit for reducing fine lines and assisting with environmental damage.
  • Shared beauty: Many nail salons are now equipped with side-by-side spaces for a pair of girls to have a pedicure. What a fun way to treat mom and yourself. Sharing time is always a bonus for mom.
  • Healthy beauty: Healthy outings such as a bike ride, tennis match or simple walk along the beach would be a good treat for mom not just for spending an active day out but spending it with you. Wrap up a bottle of Image Skincare’s Daily Defense Universal Moisturizer with spf30. She’ll need some for the day outside. Also include a card describing your fun, healthy adventure you’ll share. Don’t forget to bring water and healthy snacks.

There are many more ideas of how to treat mom to some beauty for her special day. The addition of your presence will be the icing on the cake.

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