Myth of Shrinking Pores — Part 1


Flawless, smooth, radiant skin is what we are all after right?  That pure healthy glow we had when we were children is what we hope to maintain for as long as possible.  But we all know that as we get older our skin changes, our pores seem to open up and enlarge.

What can be done?

It all starts with a little education.

Do you really understand the function of your pores?  Do you understand the genetic and environmental factors that contribute to the opening of your pores?

Your pores are the surface opening of the sebaceous glands in your skin.  These glands are hormonally controlled and produce an oily secretion that is necessary to the health of your skin.  The oil from these glands is what keeps your skin hydrated and protected from bacterial invasion.  Skin that is too dry cannot protect itself from the environment as well as oilier skin.

Your pores can contract and expand as needed.  The more oil your sebaceous glands produce, the more your pores will open to release the oil.  If your skin tends to be a bit on the oily side, you will naturally have larger pores.  If you are involved in vigorous activity that causes you to sweat a lot, your pores will open up to aid with the cooling process.  Working in a steamy environment like a kitchen or tropical greenhouse will also cause your pores to open up.

Age and genetics can play a role in how well your pores open and close.  As you get older, your pores’ ability to constrict back after being open will diminish.  And if several of your close family members seem to have enlarged pores, it could be that your pores are affected by genetics.

Some of the treatments that you use for your skin might also be contributing to the open appearance of your pores.  In order for you skin to absorb the good things your applying, your pores have to open up and allow the product to soak in.

All of these things are actually good.  Your skin is doing it’s optimum best to function and protect you.

In our next article we will discuss some of the ways you can keep your skin healthy and looking porcelain smooth.

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