Myth of Shrinking Pores – Part 2


In Part 1 of this series we discussed what our pores do and what causes them to become enlarged.  Now that we understand a little better the function of our pores, let’s take a look at how to best maintain our complexion.

As we get older our pores may become larger, either due to loss of elasticity or excess oil.  With the right products and a good daily regimen we can minimize our pore size while still keeping the skin hydrated and protected.

The oilier your skin the more open or enlarged your pores will appear.  By getting the oil and bacteria under control, the cleaner pores will appear smaller. Salicylic acid, a key ingredient in our Clear Cell line, works to shed dead cells more rapidly, open clogged pores and restrict pore diameter.

As with all things, a healthy balance is important.  If you strip your skin, your sebaceous glands are going to kick in and actually start producing more oil.  That’s why, even for oilier skin types, it’s important to moisturize after cleansing.  With the use of salicylic acid each day, we highly recommend a hydrating anti-aging serum – such as our Vital C serum – to add moisture/water to the skin and create the perfect balance.  The misconception is that the words “moisturizer” and “oil” go hand-in-hand, when really moisturizing the skin translates to adding water – not oil.

Since oil can attract dirt and contaminates to clog up your pores, a deeper professional treatment is sometimes needed.  As we continue this series we will look at facials and peels that target acne-prone skin.

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