ORMEDIC – bye-bye parabens, hello antioxidants and botanicals


An image of Image Skincare's Ormedic Product LineThe organic food movement is gaining popularity as we learn what we put into our bodies is vitally important to our overall wellbeing. Ingesting chemicals and preservatives is harmful and causes all kinds of allergies and health issues. The same can be said for what we put on our skin. Synthetic ingredients in skincare products absorb right into our bloodstream, not only harming our skin on the surface, but also damaging internal organs because our body cannot rid itself of these additives.

With Image Skincare’s Ormedic line, you’ll get the purest skin care ingredients combined with the results oriented ingredients of medical effectiveness to achieve maximum results. Ormedic offers six balancing products designed to stabilize all types of skin:

  • Facial Cleanser
  • Anti-Oxidant Serum
  • Bio-Peptide Cream
  • Eye Lift Gel
  • Soothing Gel Masque
  • Lip Enhancement Complex

In fact, the Ormedic line is so popular doctors and clients alike are touting it in the media.

In The Doctor’s Blog, Dr. Peter J. Capizzi writes:

“Image Skincare’s Ormedic line gets my highest recommendation for cancer treatment patients. . . Virtually all cancer treatment patients are candidates for the Image Ormedic lineup: it’s formulated for all skin types to balance, restore and support healthy skin in the most natural way.” Link

Carri Wilbanks also loves Ormedic, on examiner.com she said:

“The Ormedic Line, by Image Skincare, is free of harsh chemicals and parabens but rich with antioxidants and botanicals to repair skin. With the combination of products, your skin will fight back against the signs of aging and bring back a healthy glow your skin may be missing.” Link

Swear off harmful chemicals inside and out. Use Ormedic for results driven healthier skin (and body!)

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