Pamper Your Skin Like a Celebrity


Get that Hollywood glow with IMAGE.It’s awards season, and we all know what that means: Beautiful gowns, perfectly styled hair and gorgeous, glowing skin on every celebrity that strolls down the red carpet. Celebs don’t like to share all their beauty secrets, but many of them love to talk about how they prep for the big day. We think it’s about time you pampered yourself for all the awards season watching parties you’ll be attending!

Read on for some tips and tricks from the celebs themselves on how to get that glowing, star quality look this season. 

Splurge On a Glow-Boosting Facial

If you want to go all out in your preparation, take a little time off from your day to splurge on a glow-boosting facial with one of our estheticians. Ask for the O2 Lift, a treatment that infuses oxygen, plant-derived stem cells, peptides and a high concentration of enzymatic botanicals into the skin leaving it luminous, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Massage Your Face to Life

Many people underestimate the power of a massage. Massaging your face is actually a great way to increase circulation and oxygenate the blood for an instant skin refresh. Makeup artist, Gucci Westman put it best when she said, “…Facial massage is like coffee for the skin. Everything comes to life.”  If you don’t have the money to splurge on a facial, try these at-home directions for doing it yourself.

Banish Those Blemishes

If you’ve noticed a breakout coming on, reach for a cleanser with salicylic acid, like our Clear Cell Salicylic Gel Cleanser. The salicylic acid helps to clear those blemishes up fast and prevent new breakouts from popping up.

Get Gown-Ready

It’s been a long winter, and that summer glow is far behind you. Don’t worry, you’ll be looking gown-ready after lathering on some of our Body Spa Face and Body Bronzing Crème. You’ll get a super natural looking tan with a golden shimmer. Try using it a week before the big night to give the color time to build up.

Flash That Smile

Get ready to strike a pose for the camera with Ormedic Balancing Lip Enhancement Complex. Designed to enhance the appearance and volume of your lips, this ultra-hydrating complex will add up to 40% of the moisture volume in your lips with repeat usage.

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