Save Your Skin!


There’s no better time than summer to refresh our memories about the sun and how it can damage skin. Many of us will be spending the next few months outside, running, jumping and playing in it.

According to Perry Robins, MD, President of The Skin Cancer Foundation, “Everyone, regardless of skin color, should make staying safe in the sun a priority and incorporate sun protection measures into their daily life.”

While you are out there enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature, follow these tips for protection and prevention of skin cancer.

  1. Shade: Get under it as much as you can. Pay special attention to the peak hours, usually 10 am to 4 pm.
  2. Sunscreen: Use it every day. Apply a broad spectrum sunscreen to any skin that will be exposed to the sun during the day. Be sure not to miss your tender feet, ears and scalp. Look for a product with natural ingredients such as Image Skincare’s Daily Defense line.
  3. Cover: Use clothing to cover exposed skin. Don’t forget sunglasses and a hat to protect your eyes, scalp and neck.
  4. : Skip it. Tanning outside or in a tanning booth should be avoided. Just a few tanning sessions a year increases the risk of melanoma dramatically.
  5. Burning: Avoid it by using the prevention hints above. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, “A person’s risk for melanoma doubles if he or she has had five or more sunburns at any point in life.” Ouch!
  6. Snow or Surf: Use caution. The reflection from snow and surf increases the intensity of UV rays so use a higher SPF sunscreen, re-applying every two hours,  after swimming or sweating is important.
  7. Infants: Keep them out of the sun. Their tender skin can be damaged very quickly. Protect them by limiting any sun exposure. Little ones should not have sunscreen before 6 months of age.

Mother Nature is glad to have you experience her wild outdoors. She just hopes (as do we) that you’ll do so wisely so you can enjoy it for many years to come.

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