Say No to Premature Signs of Aging! Hydration Is The Key!


Do you know that your largest organ is your skin?

Hydration from every angle is important, not only to the skin but to every system in the body. Without it, you start to see those loose areas of skin, pronounced fine lines or wrinkles, and roughness that leaves red patches that we could all do without! For the cells to stay healthy and functioning they take in moisture (and pollutants) from the environment just like a dry sponge that will soak up anything in its path. So during the winter months as you step out of the cold and be back to the warm indoor heater you can imagine how much extra moisture is needed to keep the skin supple while working overtime. When the skin’s natural defenses are broken down and unprotected it begins to dry up and lose the moisture which is so vital to slowing the aging process. There is a variety of ways damage can be done when the skin is left to fend for itself, especially long term consequences. Here at Image Skincare we have done all the scientific work to provide you with the best multi-active hydrating components available to support your journey to the best skin possible!

One of the steps that goes hand in hand with proper skincare is exfoliation, removing the build up of dead skin cells which block topical ingredients from absorbing into the healthy cells that wait to be brought to the surface for maximum absorption. In addition, using a toner before moisturizing not only provides added benefits to your skin, but, it also boosts the effects of your moisturizer, remaining one of the supportive elements in proper hydration. Apply our highly concentrated and botanically derived ‘Ageless Total Pure Hyaluronic Acid’, infused with an apricot essential oil and potent antioxidant Vitamin E for pure hydration in just one application.

The main influences which effect the skin are sun exposure, changing hormones, daily stress, choice of diet and the reduction of our natural levels of hyaluronic acid diminishing over time. Hyaluronic Acid is present in every tissue of the body, holding up to 1,000 times it’s weight in water. As lower than adequate amounts of hyaluronic acid are present nutrients cannot be moved into these cells, therefore waste cannot be eliminated from cells.Take the first step in hydrating by giving your body the nutrients it needs to repair itself. It isn’t always a dry mouth that craves that glass of water, but it is often the body that is asking right before it begins to steal the much needed moisture from the skin. Aim to drink water throughout the day and foods rich in antioxidants. Omega-3 fatty acids also limit water loss in the skin cells, boosting your skin’s ability to regenerate and soften wrinkles.

When in the process of trying to hydrate your skin to a youthful glow, make the smart choice not to set yourself back by forgetting to wear sunscreen every day. So start from the inside, but remember…in order to see results on the outside and find success on a skin care regiment you must infuse the outer layer of the skin with the highest quality ingredients, such as our new ‘Ageless Max’ skincare line applied for correction, prevention, and nutrition. This year choose to uncover the radiance in your skin by making the right choices in skincare!

Happy Hydrating!

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