Seven Skincare Resolutions for 2017


clear cell salicylic gel cleanserWith the New Year come new opportunities to explore ways to improve and enhance our lives.  We’ve collected seven suggestions for New Year’s resolutions that will help you improve and enhance your skin, specifically. These resolutions aren’t hard to keep—they’re a pleasure for you and your skin!

1. Post-shower hydration

Few things relax the muscles and mind like a steamy shower—but the heat and suds can be rough on your skin. Make your post-shower moisturizing routine even nicer by keeping a bottle of body lotion in the shower with you and pampering your skin right in the shower stall before you get out. Just be careful in case it’s slippery! Our BODY SPA rejuvenating body lotion is a great choice.

2. Protect your skin from harmful UV rays

You know how much damage UV rays can do… but you probably aren’t as diligent about putting on SPF cream as you should be, right? Well, make 2017 a safer year for your skin by finding SPF protection you’ll actually love using, like one of our PREVENTION+ SPF moisturizers.

3. Get better rest with refreshed skin

Dozing off in your makeup does serious damage to your skin—and you probably aren’t getting the quality rest you would if you were cleansing your face with a skin-soothing cleanser each night. Take a few extra minutes for self-care in the evening and catch some Zzzs with sparkling, radiantly clean skin.

4. Post-workout pamper

You’ll be doing your body and mind a favor if you’ve decided to sweat it out this New Year with a new workout program—but don’t let your good deed devolve into abuse of your skin! Sweat and bacteria on the surface of your skin post-workout can lead to blemishes and acne. If you’re hitting up a studio without a locker room, pack some portable cleansing options. Our CLEAR CELL salicylic gel cleanser is a great way to fight blemish-causing oil and bacteria on the go.

5. Find a devoted dermatologist

It’s important to have a yearly skin exam conducted by a professional. Your dermatologist can look for signs of any skin conditions you have, including ones that should be caught early—like indications of skin cancer.

6. Keep your brushes braggably clean

With all of the work you’re doing to keep your skin fresh and clean, don’t fall down on the job by forgetting about your makeup brushes! They can become contaminated with lingering bacteria that could undo all of your hard work.

7. Stick with your skincare routine

If you take great care of your skin, you’re going to see great results, but only if you’re consistent about it. Stick with your New Year’s skincare routine and you’ll be seeing clearer, brighter, rejuvenated skin before you know it!

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