Sheet Masks: The Best Way to Fight Travel-Induced Dullness and Dryness

Sheet Masks: The Best Way to Fight Travel-Induced Dullness and Dryness


Whether it’s a sojourn to the other side of the country or a jetset to a far-off destination, one thing that’s guaranteed to open your eyes and transform your life is traveling. But a lot of times, the actual traveling part takes a toll on your energy levels—and your skin, of course.

Not only do you tend to sleep less when you’re vacationing, but all the time in-air sucks the hydration out from your skin. Why? The recycled cabin air inside the plane provides a lot less humidity, which dries out your skin and sometimes even makes it greasier as it compensates for the lack of moisture.

How to Hydrate Your Skin Inside the Airplane 

It’s not quite as easy to resume your regular skincare routine while you’re limited to those teensy bathrooms, but one way to quench your skin’s thirst instantly is to put on a sheet mask. Sure, it might seem weird at first but they’re so common these days it’s almost become the norm.

Sheet masks are absolutely perfect for plane conditions because they deliver moisturizing ingredients to your skin while providing a physical barrier to “lock” it all in. The key is finding a sheet mask that won’t dry you out even further.

The Best Sheet Masks Don’t Dry Out on Your Skin

Most sheet masks are made of materials that eventually dry out (think of what would happen if you put a moist paper towel on your face—it would eventually turn into a dry sheet of paper). This isn’t ideal for your skin at all.

IMAGE Skincare’s next-generation sheet masks are constructed from a unique, patented hydrogel technology derived from red algae and carob tree, which maximizes its hydrating power without creating a drying barrier. The material is also designed to increase the delivery of ingredients for the ultimate hydrating recovery. The breathable, 3-D design traps moisture, helping ingredients do their job more effectively.

Learn a bit more about each of our sheet masks and how they can keep your radiant until your next layover!

I MASK biomolecular hydrating recovery mask

This unique, hydrating hydrogel mask features a fusion of volcanic water, ginseng root extract, amino acids and antioxidants for the ultimate skin rejuvenation. As soon as you apply it, your skin feels cool and refreshed as it drinks up all the hydration, ultimately looking dewy like no other. You’ll be luminous as you step off the plane!

I MASK biomolecular anti-aging radiance mask

If you’re looking for an anti-aging kick as well, try this hydrogel mask, which applies skin with brightening botanicals, peptides and antioxidants for the ultimate youthful appearance and radiance. With just one use, you can feel a wave of hydration and reduce the appearance of dullness, fine lines and wrinkles.


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