Skin Cancer Awareness Month


In honor of Skin Cancer Awareness Month, May, we at IMAGE wanted to highlight some products that are suitable for skin protection and also suggest a product line that has been recommended as a treatment for cancer patients.


Let’s start with our Ormedic line. We were honored when late last year, Tammy Ryan, a registered nurse and licensed esthetician, recommended Image Skincare in her article, “New Skin Care Recommendations for Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy and Radiation”:

“I know I speak for the entire Stillwater team when I say that we’re very pleased to have Image Skincare products in our arsenal of weapons to facilitate healthy living.”

Tammy works with cancer treatment patients and highly recommends the Image Skincare Ormedic line to every patient for skin relief after chemotherapy and radiation treatments. With the damage these powerful treatments can have on the body, most medical-grade skin care products are too tough on exceedingly sensitive skin.

Because Image’s Ormedic line avoids harsh chemicals, acids and parabens, and also uses many natural ingredients, these products are delicate enough to help patients undergoing cancer treatment.


Our Prevention+ line is an evolution of five sun protection moisturizers that can help defend the skin against the sun’s harmful effects. Three of our daily moisturizers have an SPF of 30 which is above the FDA’s minimum recommendation for protection against skin cancer and sunburn, and it also complies with the American Academy of Dermatology’s recommendation of at least 30 SPF. Two of these moisturizers are an excellent make-up base for a matte (non-shiny) or glowing (tinted) finish. The Ultimate Protection moisturizer has the highest SPF combined with UVA protection. Its ingredients include photosomes and roxisomes, enzymes that reduce the risk of deep-seated damage caused by the sun. It is the ultimate protection against sun-aging and irritation.

Lastly, the Ultra Sheer Spray comes with a 45 SPF and is made lightweight and transparent for fast absorption. It will not clog your pores and it can protect you from 98% of UVB rays. Remember, no matter the SPF, sunscreen always wears off. Make sure to reapply at least every two hours for best results.

We hope to increase skin cancer awareness this week by providing useful tips and recommendations for you and your family to guard against the sun’s harmful effects and live a long, healthy life.

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