Skin Lightening Agents


dark spots“Even skin tone is a universal sign of youth and beauty. As you age photodamage from the sun and environmental toxins can create dark spots and uneven pigmentation on the skin, along with fine wrinkles and rough skin texture” – Dr Marc Ronert

If you have hyper-pigmentation, it is important to know what ingredients you need in order to lighten your skin.


A phenolic compound used to fight hyper-pigmentation. Dr. Ronert stated hydroquinone is “used as skin lightening agent to remove dark spots and hyper-pigmentation by inhibiting the enzymatic oxidation of tyrosine and phenol oxidases”. The result of using hydroquinone is a decrease of production of the compounds that create dark spots on the skin.

Image Skincare conducted a 12 week study with 48 patients ages 19 to 55, all with pigmentation. The patients were split into two groups: one group was treated with hydroquinone 4%, and the other with a placebo formulation. Both groups had creams that contained sunscreen and were applied twice daily. Results showed partial improvement in 90.4% of cases treated with hydroquinone 4% after just 3 weeks of treatment. These cases continued to improve over the remaining weeks. By the end of the 12 weeks, 38.1% of patients had total improvement, 57.2% had partial improvement, and just 4.8% showed no sign of improvement.

Hydroquinone can be found in the Ageless Total Skin Bleaching Serum.

Kojic Acid

A naturally occurring hydrophilic used as a lightening agent for hyper-pigmentation of skin. It is produced by biologically fermenting bacteria on different carbohydrates such as rice and soybeans. Tyrosinase is an enzyme that causes melanin to be biologically synthesized. Kojic acid inhibits tyrosinase, thus reducing production of melanin. It also works to eliminate already existing melanin. Therefore, Kojic acid eliminates age spots while preventing new age spots.

If you have hyper-pigmentation, you should try Ageless Total Skin Lightening Serum, Ageless Total Rejuvenating Hand Creme, I Peel Lightening Lift Peel Solution, and 25 Kojic Acid Facial Enhancer.

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