Skincare Traditions to Carry On


In honor of Mother’s Day weekend, we thought we’d honor the holiday with traditions your mom has passed on to you—skincare traditions that is!

1) Wash your face! Wipe off any leftover impurities and definitely do NOT sleep with makeup on!

2) Moisturize: Baby Boomer mothers grew up with a luxury-brand lifestyle that may come from the economic boom of their time. Only high-end brands appease their moisturizing needs—a wise belief, since cheap moisturizers can actually dry out your skin

3) Sunhats and parasols: Even though parasols were invented way back in Ancient China, they still offer a pretty good solution for blocking out too much sun. If parasols weren’t mom’s thing, then perhaps she suggested sun hats, which also happen to be perfect for protecting against ultraviolet rays.

4) Natural Face Masks: from milk-based face masks to oatmeal or mayonnaise treatments, your mom probably has at least one homemade, hand-me-down, natural skin care recipe for something.

5) Got a pimple? Don’t touch it! Break outs can be frustrating but if you decide to pop a zit, you are spreading bacteria from your hands onto the pimple which could cause an infection. Not to mention that popping a pimple could rip the skin tissue, which could then leave bad acne scars. In case you didn’t follow your mother’s advice, no need to fret, our new skincare line Iluma is equipped with Vectorize Technology that will lighten up and clear any acne scars.

So do these tips remind you of YOUR mother? You’ve been taught well, and we hope you carry them on to the next generation.

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