Smarter Skincare Shopping: How to Avoid Buying Diverted Product


We get it: It’s hard to pass up a deal. And even harder when you see a few dollars shaved off the price of your favorite IMAGE Skincare product. But discount shopping at unauthorized retailers—known as diverters—can mean ending up with skincare products that are unsafe to use.

Unauthorized resellers like,, and may sell IMAGE products that are expired, previously opened, tampered with, fake or even stolen. Though not immediately visible to the naked eye, diverted products may also be exposed to uncontrolled environments that degrade their quality and effectiveness.

We are committed to putting a stop to diversion. We have assembled a dedicated team that works with our legal advisors to fight diversion in the marketplace. Here’s what we are doing to ensure our products don’t end up on unauthorized sites.

Monitoring traffic

We are working with Google to limit resellers’ ability to use the IMAGE brand trademark. This action helps to ensure that all Google searches will lead to reputable sellers like, not unauthorized sellers.

Tracking product purchases and shipments

We’ve implemented an advanced tracking system to monitor and flag suspicious large purchases. We also track all product shipments from our warehouse to ensure they end up at their intended destination.

Choosing our retailers carefully

We work with a select list of authorized online retailers and will continue to choose our retail partners judiciously.

If you see something, say something. Help us fight diversion by notifying our customer care team if you spot diverted product on unauthorized websites or store shelves. You may contact us via email at or call 800.796.7546.

Make sure to purchase IMAGE products from or an authorized retailer listed on our website. You may also use our store locator to find an licensed esthetician, dermatologist or plastic surgeon near you.

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