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Everyone loves summer! It marks a time to get away from school or work and simply relax in the sun. This can do wonders to free your mind from the burdens and stress of everyday life, but when it comes to your skin, it’s a different story. Direct sun exposure and intense heat can actually damage the skin if you’re not careful.

Effects of Summer Sun on Your Skin

Two of the leading causes of skin damage during the summer are blocked pores and dehydration. Intense heat causes you to sweat, which plays a pivotal role in clogging up your skin’s pores and causing blackheads and other such spots. Blocked pores further lead to cellular build-up, which is nearly impossible to cleanse and exfoliate on your own.

Apart from that, dehydration is another major cause of skin disturbance during the summer. Occurring deep inside your skin, dehydration leads to all sorts of skin-related issues such as fine lines, dark circles, etc.

With all the traveling that occurs during the summer, it can be tricky to incorporate a proper skin care routine. Fortunately, whether you are taking a cruise ship, plane, or road trip to your destination, we have you covered with our convenient travel-sized I-Trial Kits!

Image Skincare I-Trial Kits

We carry I-Trial Kits for every Image Skincare product line, which translates to a perfect travel solution for every skin concern.

For example, we recommend the Prevention+ Trial Kit. This kit features an evolution of moisturizers, all of which have broad-spectrum UVB/UVA sun protection. This kit truly offers the latest innovation in protecting the skin against the sun.

Furthermore, consider the ILUMA with Vectorize Technology Trial Kit. This kit features our exclusive Vectorize Technology, which utilizes up to 100 hundred layers of active ingredients. These include peptides and stem cells which have been transformed into molecular structures. If you apply these to your skin, the ingredients are released layer-after-layer. As such, they penetrate deeper into your skin and offer you prolonged protection while providing your skin with the best outputs.

So if you’re packing for your vacation, make sure you bring along our I-Trial Kits, as they will offer the best possible protection for your skin while you can focus on having a great time on your trip.

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