Sunless Tanning Tips


Summer time is coming to an end. We are sad to see the days of sun and fun go, but that healthy summer glow doesn’t have to go.  More and more people turn to the bottle to keep that washed out pasty look at bay.   Since sunburn and skin damage are proven to be a significant risk factor for developing skin cancer, bronzer is becoming the smart choice all year long. We’re all for it, but we’re not up for streaks and orange mess all over our legs and hands!

Learning to apply sunless tan can be a bit tricky, but with a few common sense pointers you will maintain your bronze goddess rep with ease!

Exfoliate, exfoliate, and exfoliate some more! This is the most important part of your tanning process. The dead layer of dry, flaky skin needs to be scrubbed away so that sunless tan can soak in properly. Use a body scrub or exfoliating gel.  Body Spa Exfoliating Body Scrub is a great choice to buff away dry, dulling surface cells, and improve natural cell turnover.

Moisturize every day for a few days before your tan application. After showering, apply body lotion liberally all over and pay special attention to knees, ankles and elbows. An all over moisturized body will ensure even color, and prevent that nasty blotching.

Invest in a box of latex gloves in the appropriate size or a tanning mitt. Nothing is worse than “fake tan hands”, where the act of rubbing tan into the rest of your body means your hands get a triple dose of color. Last of all apply the tanning lotion to your hands, and be sure to use hand cream on the knuckles.

If it’s warm, avoid applying tan. Humidity and heat can cause sunless tan to melt and streak on application even by the most experienced self-tanner. You’ll know if you’re at risk of this if you feel sticky for a long time after application, as the humidity prevents the tan from sinking in effectively. Even the tans that claim to “dry fast” can rub off, so don’t get dressed for at least 20 minutes after application.

Last but not least, the overnight tan is still the most effective. Applying in the morning puts the formula at risk of wear n’ tear: i.e. rubbing off during daily activity. For a flawless brown color, apply your sunless tanning product as part of your bedtime routine.

There are so many tans out there to try and it can be a very personal choice. For a natural gradual build up of your tan try Image Skincare’s Body Spa Face and Body Bronzer.

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