Super Bowl Sunday: Breaking It Down Skincare Style


The Super Bowl comes around this time every year. We prepare for the big game by planning parties, making snacks, stocking the cooler and picking up our favorite team’s jersey.

For many of us, the fun times we have with friends and family is the best part of the day… When it comes down to the actual game, all that football talk can get confusing.

If you’re with us on that, don’t worry. We’re breaking down some major football positions, skincare style, so you’ll be prepped and ready for game day!


The Quarterback

Receives the ball from the center to start the play. It’s the most important position on the offensive side.

Skincare Style … Facial cleanser is the Quarterback of skincare. It’s the most important part of your skincare routine. Washing off makeup and germs from the day is so important to keeping your skin happy, healthy and clear. Just like the Quarterback, facial cleanser starts the play for the rest of your day. Choose the best IMAGE cleanser for your skin type, and remember to wash morning and night.

The Running Back

Receives the ball from the quarterback, executes a rushing play

Skincare Style …  Serums are great for penetrating deeply into the skin and complementing your cleanser post-wash. IMAGE’s Vital C Hydrating Anti Aging Serum minimizes and soothes the visible effects of environmentally damaged skin, and nourishes the skin to create youthful glowing skin.


The Offensive Lineman

Responsible for blocking.

Skincare Style … Moisturizers and Repair Creams hydrate and repair the skin while promoting healthy cell renewal. It helps to “block” the harmful affects of the environment and is a great prep for your makeup. Always use a moisturizer before applying makeup for the day. It will fill and hydrate the pores, blocking foundation or powder from filling (and eventually clogging) those pores.

The Defensive Guard

Stops running plays directed at the centerline.

Skincare Style … The Defense of skincare is, of course, sunscreen! Our Prevention + Line is made up of high-intensity sunscreens, filled with antioxidants, SPF boosters and a DNA Protection Complex. It’s the best of the best of defensive guards. Never leave home without it!


Handles kickoffs, extra points and field goal attempts.

Skincare Style … To finish the game, use I Conceal healthy skin foundation by IMAGE. I Conceal is an all-in-one illuminating, lightweight and water-resistant skin foundation that heals and conceals revealing a healthier, flawless complexion. It’s the “kicker” of your skincare routine that will have you leaving the house flawless and glowing.

There you have it! Now you know some of the most important football positions, and how to translate those positions into your skincare routine. Prepare for the big game Sunday by always having your skincare “players” on hand. You’ll be winning the game all day, every day.

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