The Beauty of Happiness


Happiness is the secret to all beauty; there is no beauty that is attractive without happiness. ~Christian Dior

Did you know that happy people live longer? Recent research proves that happy people have stronger immune systems, are more able to cope with stress, and have an active, enjoyable social life. So how do we gather in the happiness around us to inspire our health and beauty?

It’s time to turn up your “happiness set-point.” That’s the level of happiness where a person lies until she does something to change it. Scientists have found that only 10 percent of our happiness comes from the circumstances in our lives while 40 percent comes from thoughts, behaviors and habits. The other 50 percent comes from our genetic code. Does that mean we can only do something about the first 50 percent? Not according to some researchers.

Let’s check out some recently published books that discuss how we can change our mood.

  • Dr. Bruce Lipton shares in his book, The Biology of Belief, his theory that beliefs, thoughts, emotions and behaviors determine whether our genes are expressed or not, so by changing these things, we have the ability to influence up to 90 percent of our happiness.
  • Train Your Mind. Change Your Brain, by Sharon Begley, asserts that we have potential to tap into our minds to transform ourselves and overcome our genetic happiness set-point.
  • Marci Shimoff’s book, Happiness for No Reason, discusses how to increase your happiness set-point.  According to Shimoff, gaining happiness can be boiled down to 21 habits in seven areas of life—empowerment, mind, heart, body, soul, purpose, and relationships.

Scientists continue to discover the deepest secrets of the brain, advancing our knowledge of how we “tick”.

It seems then, by developing healthy and happy habits, we better our reactions to life’s challenging circumstances. Life may not be perfect but we can work towards happy relationships, work and home life bringing about a more beautiful inside and outside.

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