The Eyes Speak Volumes…..And So Do Your Lashes!


Believe it or not, these beauty enhancing features also have multiple functions that serve us on a daily basis. Providing protection from dust and pollutants that fill the air, sensitivity to objects or debris, and act as a warning sign to the unknown.

Your eyelashes are one of your most seen beauty marks, so it is essential to care for these tiny follicles that begin their journey to health from the inside out. To maintain healthy lashes that shine with youth we have found the solution to prefect the appearance and condition of lashes for that ageless look!

When using Image Skincare Ageless Lashes the results have proven to be nothing but fuller, longer and healthier eye lashes…giving you lashes you thought were only possible in the prime of your youth through daily use. This innovative formula unique to Image Skincare, dramatically improves the texture and youthfulness of sparse, dull-looking lashes by stimulating and strengthening the hair follicle. To achieve the optimum health of your skin it must treated and reached at a cellular level to increase hydration and stimulate cellular turnover for a more overall youthful looking skin.

Luscious and thick eyelashes do not have to be a gift only to those who are born with them, but to those who take the reins in nourishing this attention drawing feature by incorporating a lash care regiment with our Ageless Lashes product. Improve the condition of your lashes today and in the future by starting now, and bat your lashes with pride!

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