The IMAGE Alphabet: Part One


iluma intense lightening cleanserIMAGE Skincare helps you care for your skin from A to Z thanks to our tireless research and innovation. In honor of our (and your!) commitment to your skin, we’ve put together a little alphabet of IMAGE Skincare for your reading enjoyment. Here’s part one.

A is for Ageless

You might think your skin has to age as fast as it is already. You’re wrong. Let IMAGE help you embrace the vision of ageless skin.

B is for BHA

Alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids (also known as salicylic acid) keep your skin smooth and clear.

C is for Vitamin C

Vitamins, including vitamin C, are essential for healthy, happy skin! Our VITAL C line is packed with products rich in this vital vitamin and several others.

D is for Dry and Sensitive Skin

From our the MAX stem cell facial cleanser to our VITAL C hydrating repair crème, we have many products designed for dry and sensitive skin. That’s one reason IMAGE is so popular with licensed estheticians.

E is for Eye Crèmes

Bright, rested and fresh skin around your eyes erases years from your face. We have an eye crème for everyone.

F is for Foundation

Makeup doesn’t have to be your skin’s energy. When choosing makeup, especially all-over makeup like foundation, choose those that provide sun protection and don’t clog pores. Don’t forget to use a gentle, thorough cleanser to remove it.

G is for Great Skin

Nothing affects the way others perceive your age like your skin does. Great skin makes you look as young and energized outside as you are inside!

H is for Hydration

Your body needs to be hydrated inside and out for beautiful skin. Our moisturizing products keep your skin fresh and fully hydrated.

I is for I Beauty

i conceal flawless foundationOur I BEAUTY collection enhances the flawlessness of your complexion, visibly evening it out and preventing future blemishes and discoloration.

J is for Joy

Caring for your skin is self-care, and self-care is a joy! Everyone should be able to feel joy in pampering themselves with the best skincare.

K is for Kindness

We do not test our products on animals. Instead, our products are tested in a laboratory and in the field by human beings only.

L is for Lightening

IMAGE Skincare researches and uses only the safest and most advanced lightening agents. We have every type of lightening product you can think of, from our gentle
AGELESS total repair crème to our ILUMA intense lightening cleanser.

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