Under Eye Circles


Dark, puffy circles under the eyes, we’ve all experienced it at one time or another.  None of us want them, so what causes them?  More importantly, what can be done about them when they appear?  Read on to learn about common causes of dark circles, puffiness, and our recommendations.

1. Have you suddenly developed under eye bags?
A sudden noticeable appearance of bags under the eyes may be the result of an allergic reaction. If you have any other symptoms like a fever, skin rash, or breathing trouble, consult a doctor right away. Take a moment to recall if you’ve come into contact with anything new recently.  It could be almost anything, pets, new foods, even inexpensive, low quality beauty products can contribute to allergic reactions.

2. Are you a regular puffy eye sufferer?
Water retention can contribute to puffy under eye circles. You might want to consider whether it could be a symptom of PMS. Use natural diuretics, like green tea and eliminate salty foods that contribute to dehydration. To help with the puffiness around the eyes why not try Ormedic Balancing Eye Lift Gel– This is a very cooling and soothing eye gel that reduces puffiness as well as dark circles by utilizing all organic ingredients.

3. Is it all in the genes?
Heredity can be involved in the prevalence of puffy eye circles. Look at some old photos of parents and grandparents, and see if there is evidence of under eye circles. It’s not unusual for this type of under eye circles to become more pronounced as we get older.  If there is history in your family of such circles, your best bet will be the use of specialist eye creams and makeup to reduce their appearance.

4.  Are you tired?
When tired or suffering from fibromyalgia, diet is important.  Your body could be lacking in proteins, essential fats and B-vitamins. Including more lean meats and fish, dairy products and vitamin B-12 in your diet will help not only the circles, but your over-all feeling of well-being. Consider nourishing your skin as well with an eye cream such as Ageless Max Eye Crème– This luxurious eye crème contains grape, alpine edelweiss, and apple stem cells for maximum age prevention and the ultimate nutrition.

5. Eradicate insomnia, stress, long workdays, TV and tiredness.
Easier said than done, but all of those factors contribute to eyestrain and under eye circles. Spending hours looking at a computer will give nasty under eye bags. Take regular breaks and naps to give your eyes the break they deserve. Stressed eyes can be revived with a little help from Vital C Hydrating Eye Recovery Gel– This is an instant boost of hydration packed with antioxidants that reduce the appearance of fine lines along vitamin k that will diminish dark circles, leaving your eyes refreshed.

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