Unusual Beauty Fixes (That Actually Work!)


 What do baby powder, super glue, and a tooth brush all have in common? We’re glad you asked!

 They have a set of magical powers that only women have access to… Okay, not really, but they are definitely useful for some pretty wacky beauty fixes.

Ever have a friend, when giving beauty advice, start her sentence off with, “So… this may sound strange, but…” We’ve all heard some pretty crazy tips on how to zap a zit or fix oily hair… But do they really work?
Now you can rest easy knowing some actually do the trick! We’ve put together a list of unusual beauty tips (that actually work!) …

Greasy Hair?

Try sprinkling baby powder on a big makeup brush and dust it over your roots. The powder absorbs excess oil in your hair, and the brush will make sure you don’t leave any traces of powder behind.

Unruly Eyebrows?

Straighten those eyebrows out with a toothbrush! Simply swipe across your brows with a little hairspray, and voila, perfectly groomed brows.

Break a Nail?

Instead of ripping the broken part off, try applying a small amount of super glue over the split and let it dry. Then swipe on your favorite colored nail polish. Your nail will look as good as new!

Next time you’re in a pinch and need a quick beauty fix, remember, you can often find something to do the trick in your kitchen or medicine cabinet!

What crazy beauty fixes do you swear by?

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