Vitamin C in Skincare


Do you remember getting holiday goodie bags full of candy, nuts, and oranges?  At one time oranges were a luxury during the winter and were considered a very thoughtful gift.  We all know how vitamin C is beneficial to our diets and often take supplements to ward of the winter cold and to aid the absorption of iron in our diet.  Vitamin C is also crucial for our skin in the following ways:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Cell strengthening
  • Super anti-oxidant
  • Integral part in the formation of collagen
  • Can prevent the breakdown of collagen

It also has the ability to be absorbed directly into the skin and is twenty times more effective when applied topically than oral ingestion.

Not all Vitamin C enriched products are the same.  Savvy skin care enthusiasts know it’s important to know how the ingredients are formed and delivered to the skin due to the instability of this vitamin.  Image Skincare’s Vital C range leads the way in this science.

So why is the Vital C™ range different?

  • It contains a new oil-soluble source of Vitamin C called BV-OSC.  This is a more stable form of Vitamin C when it comes to absorption in the skin and also accelerates collagen synthesis up to 50% more than L-ascorbic acid.
  • It delivers high percentages of Vitamin C through liposomes which go deeper into the skin

Image skincare Vital C range has something for everyone.  From the Vital C cleanser to the ACE serum we all can take full advantage of Vitamin C in our daily skincare regime to deliver a glowing, radiant complexion.

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