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Image Skincare ThanksgivingHere at IMAGE Skincare we are most thankful for one thing, all of our loyal customers. You are the reason we continue to work so hard to bring you the best products possible. It is important to us to know what makes you happy from IMAGE so that we can continue to bring you the very best!

Here are some things that our customers are thankful for:

I had gone to the last conference in K.C. and had only put the products on my right hand and could not believe the difference my hands looked even after 3 weeks I would show my clients my hands and show them how wonderful the Image Products are….Life is good! I have clients wanting to have facials with the Image Products after seeing my hands.It had me sold on the products as well and I am very happy to be apart of the Image Family know!

~Debra 48 Jefferson City, MO

I am thankful for Image skincare for many reasons. First it is an amazing product that WORKS! second I have an amazing rep that has taught me so much, more than I ever expected from any one person. Third the prices of these products are extremely fair, which is why it flies off the shelves. Thank you for another wonderful year ( 6 ) from a loyal customer! You make me look good and stay successful, can’t ask for anything more from a product that I sell in my spa.

~Susan, Orlando, FL

 I have been with Image Skincare for over 5 years. I’m so thankful to Image Skincare because I ALWAYS see the results!! All Image product lines work together to treat any skin problem that my clients may have, and I love that Image is a comprehensive company. Healthy lifestyle and balance are very important to my practice. I have seen amazing results, with very little effort, in my skin and my clients’! I am an esthetician/partner in a Medical Spa and have access to many medical grade products. I’ve tried many and can say “I am Thankful to have found Image Skincare!!!” My clients satisfaction and SMILES are what really make me Thankful!!

~Kelly 46, Tampa, FL

I love IMAGE specialy Vit.C,…keep my skin healthy looking,I am big fan of ur product simply cuz they work for me l!!!!

~Maria 31, Dublin, Ireland

I am very thankful for Image Skincare! I grew up dealing with acne breakouts, I have used everything out there. Image is the only product line that has ever really worked on my skin. I will forever be greatful and will keep using your products! Thank You!

~Jonathan 29, Shreveport, LA

I have recently changed to Prevention+ SPF 50. By far the best zinc based sun protection for my face; it leaves no visible residue and does not dry greasy, shiny or sticky. Actually, I would choose it over almost any other sunscreen I have tried ( and there have been a few!). Undeniably, a fantastic product.

~Lesley 50s, Auckland, New Zealand

I’ve been using Image just over 3yrs. I’m so thankful that I found a skincare that really calms my sensitive skin and has great anti-aging benefits too, seeing as I’m turning 30 in March, but feel like my skin has looked better then ever! Now everbody I know that I can get my hands on to try it is hooked, my husband, in-laws, mom and dad, and many friends. I love how they keep up with the best ingredients and make it simple to learn how to use. Thanks so much for changing the way I feel about the health of my skin and about myself.

~Laryn 29, Perry, OH

I absolutely love the Ormedic products. Ormedic is the most versatile line I have yet to encounter. Simply the best for a first-time facial or facial number one thousand. I started one of my acne clients off with the Ormedic cleanser to calm down severely inflamed acne. I am happy to report that we worked together over several months and her inflammation is completely gone. We are continuing to work with other Image products to restore beautiful, healthy skin.

~Juliette, Glen Ellyn, IL

I am thankful for Image Skincare because…… I had acne when I was a kid starting at 16 and it got pretty bad. Sebacious Cysts, and Grade 3 Acne. I finally slowed it down some in my twenties with Anti-biotics and tons of lost money spent on OTC Products. I had a Hysterectomy in 2005. Then I had the worst Acne I had ever had in my life! I tried Accutane, Microdermabrasion, Anti-biotics, and every OTC Crème or Cleanser I could get my hands on and nothing worked. People would look at my Acne and my scarring they would not look me in the eye. ( I still sometimes have trouble looking people in the eyes because of that Acne.) I was left with significant hyperpigmentation and scarring. When fate happened and Dr. Felicia Hussey asked me to come work for her at Emerge Medspa & Salon in Pikeville, NC. Dr. Hussy and her Esthetician did several Peels on me and some laser treatments then they put me on the Ageless Cleanser, Ageless Repair Creme and the Vital C Anti-aging serum. I have also used the Ormedic Cleanser, Vital C. Cleanser, Ormedic Skin Lightening Serum and Ageless Retinol-A Crème. I also have used the Max Crème and Max Eye Creme. (Which I LOVE , LOVE,LOVE)These products changed my life! When people started coming up to me and saying, “You’re skin looks great!” I would look behind me because I thought they couldn’t possibly be talking to me! Now because of my Image products, I can say, “Thank You, I use Image!” Then I promptly schedule them for a consult and help them,” Lift their skin to a new level of health,” with your awesome products!!! Thank you so much for this product line!! I love to look in the mirror at my Healthy, new skin!!! THANK YOU Image Skincare!!!!!

~Shearae 43, Pikeville, NC

I’m thankful for the professionalism of the Image brand. Using Image gives me confidence with my clients because I ALWAYS know what to expect with each product because of the stellar ingredients and the protocol provided with each professional product. I’m also thankful for the instant results my clients see right after the treatment that keeps them coming to me for services.

~Kara 33, Schaumburg, IL

As a small business owner you work with a tight budget sometimes. I am Thankful that Image Skincare cares and sells to small fry business like myself with no min order needed to purchase this great skincare line. A BIG Thank You to IMAGE

~Dalia 30, Irving, TX



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