Why Live with Acne?


CLEAR CELL medicated acne facial scrubFor some people, living with acne seems like their only choice. But it doesn’t have to be. There are so many different tools that can be used to fight the pain and discomfort of acne, tools that can give you the clear, healthy skin you want to have.

There are many tips out there to help you fight acne:

  • Limit face washing to no more than twice daily and use gentle, face-specific cleansers
  • Use only soft materials on your face (a baby washcloth is great for this)
  • Change your pillow cases often to prevent the transfer of hair and oil to your face
  • Make sure to remove makeup at the end of each day
  • Limit the use of irritating chemicals on or near your face
  • Eat a skin-healthy diet with plenty of vitamins and healthy oils

But sometimes you need a few extra tools in your toolkit. We can help. Here at IMAGE, we give you all of those tools—and this is just a selection! We have what’s right for your skin and we know that not all skin types are the same.


“Dirty” skin doesn’t cause acne, but how you cleanse your skin can help to fight it. Our AGELESS total facial cleanser clears your skin of makeup and oil that can irritate your pores. It balances your skin’s PH and includes a gentle exfoliating glycolic acid to reveal your fresh, revitalized complexion.

AGELESS total resurfacing masqueResurfacing

Turbo-smoothing and exfoliating are key to fighting acne’s effects—that’s where our AGELESS total resurfacing masque comes in. Alpha hydroxy acids gently resurface your skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth with the help of micro crystals.

Vitamin A

One form of vitamin A, retinol, is particularly known for its ability to combat aging, acne and redness. Our AGELESS total retinol-A crème combines this powerful nutrient with the refreshing technology of peptides to increase the turnover of new cells and give you the freshest skin yet.

Medicated Scrubs

Sometimes you need to pull out the big guns to combat your acne issues. Our CLEAR CELL medicated acne facial scrub blends the power of benzoyl peroxide with the healing, anti-aging effects of antioxidants for healthier, clearer skin.

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